What Are the Meanings of Numbers in Numerology?


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In numerology, each single digit number signifies a unique trait or characteristic associated with it, such as a strength or weakness. According to the Psychics Universe, in numerology, every number is reduced to a single digit.

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Number one is associated with the sun, signifying new beginnings and energy. The number two represents the moon; it signifies balance. Three represents Mars, and it signifies a dynamic and active personality. Four represents Mercury; it signifies an individual who is stable and grounded. Five is associated with Jupiter, and it signifies motion or adventure. Six represents Venus; it signifies sincerity and love. Seven represents Saturn, and it signifies mystery and magic. Eight is associated with Uranus, signifying wealth and material goods. Nine is the final single-digit number; and it is associated with Neptune, signifying influence and achievement.

Psychics Universe explains that each number has a negative and positive effect. Analyzing the numbers in relationship to an individual or event can help to fully develop an individual reading of traits and characteristics. This leads to a deeper understanding of how individuals and events are influenced by numbers.

Numerology is a belief in the special relationship that exists between numbers and events. There are many variations of methodology, beliefs and traditions. Understanding the traits of each single-digit number is the basis of the art of numerology.

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