What Are the Meanings Behind Lucky Bamboo Stalk Arrangements?

Lucky bamboo stalk arrangements are favorable Feng Shui elements that bring positive energy and have lucky meanings based on the number of stalks in the arrangement. A two-stalk arrangement brings luck in love, while nine stalks represent wealth. An arrangement of eight stalks represents growth, while seven stalks attract good health. A ten-stalk arrangement symbolizes perfection.

Other arrangements bring wider ranging luck. A three-stalk arrangement is said to bring happiness, wealth and long life. Five stalks of lucky bamboo are said to bring wealth to all five areas of life -- spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and intuitive. A group of six promotes good luck and wealth.

Despite being called lucky bamboo, these plants are not actually bamboo. The well-known arrangements are actually made from Dracaena braunii stem cuttings, usually placed in a vase or bowl amid pebbles and water. In this manner, the plants resemble bamboo, which has long been symbolic in the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui promotes the effective balance of energy between people and their environments. Elements that bring positive energy and attract luck are called cures. Symbolic bamboo elements and green plants are both considered to be effective cures in modern Feng Shui practice.