What Is the Meaning of a Wild Animal Personality Quiz?

What Is the Meaning of a Wild Animal Personality Quiz?

The wild animal personality quiz matches the test taker’s answers to specific traits of animals; the results also give examples of what professions suit a user’s animal profile. The popular online quiz originally appeared in a book, “The Animal in You” by Roy Feinson and divides people into carnivores, herbivores, rodents, insects and birds.

Feinson's area of expertise, zoology, inspired the test; his passion for the inter-relationships between animals and humans shaped the nine-question quiz. According to the Animal in You website, a participant’s answers builds a mathematical model between the responder and specific animals.

An example is the fox, whose fussy eating habits, quick wits, cunning and competitiveness lend themselves to people in the law, health and programming fields as well as those who excel at chess.

Carnivores are powerful, territorial and athletic; careers like politics, sports, teaching and upper management positions are common associations. Herbivores, including the elephant and zebra, are methodical, hard-working, organized and reliable; personality types like these tend to excel at careers in science, engineering and accounting or in the political and community arenas.

The creative, thrifty, active, resilient and socially adept traits of rodents and insects are common with writers, psychiatrists, psychologists, comedians and teachers. Birds are world travelers, fun loving, energetic and talented; these sort of people thrive in outdoor vocations and common positions include actors, aerobics instructors, interior designers and architects.