What Is the Meaning of Moral Development?

Moral development is defined as the process by which children are able to develop attitudes and behaviors toward other people. Moral development can be both positive and negative, depending on the type of influences are given to the child.

Moral development is an important aspect to raising children who are able to function properly in society. While most moral development is able to come naturally from children watching other people and adults, it is important that the main adults in a child's life be able to set a good moral example for children. Parents should be able to effectively teach their children what is right and what is wrong, starting from the time they are born.

An important aspect of morals development is the way that children interact in social situations. Children may be inclined to have a more positive moral development when they are shown how to act instead of being told how to act. Children should be allowed to have social interactions with other children where they can exercise what is right and what is wrong. These social interactions with other children will set the stage for the way they develop their morals as older children and adults.