What Is the Meaning of a Lion Tattoo?

Lion tattoos are often associated with pride and strength, but different designs have other meanings. Lions are the animal for the Zodiac sign Leo, and they also have significance in Chinese culture.

Horoscope tattoos such as a lion for Leo generally convey aspects of that sign: in this case, a fiery individual who likes to be the center of attention. Similarly, according to ITattooDesigns, lions have significance in tribal cultures, so a tribal lion tattoo can convey fearlessness and fierceness. In Chinese culture, lions have protective powers, so some people get these for luck.

One of the oldest images of a lion is the Lion of Judah, which was the symbol of the ancient Israelite tribe of Judah in the Bible. These tattoos often show a lion with a golden crown holding a scepter. The scepter bears a flag with the colors of Ethiopia, making these tattoos very popular within the Rastafarian tradition. Lion and lamb tattoos also come from the Bible. The lion symbolizes strength, while the lamb symbolizes innocence. Together they stand for peace.

A similar looking lion is the rampant lion, which is on the flags of Scotland and Flanders. This lion is tattooed rearing back. According to Free Tattoo Designs, it is Celtic in origin, and Scottish people often get this tattoo to symbolize their bond with Scotland.