What Is the Meaning of Intercultural Communication?


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Intercultural communication refers to effective transmission of messages and priorities from members of one culture to another. Whether one works in academia, management, business, science, politics, culture, health, development, diplomacy or other fields, having effective intercultural communication is vital. Economic globalization means that it is not possible for one culture or company to function alone, but that every nation and organization needs successful interaction with the remainder of the world in order to thrive.

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Policy decisions on a number of fronts now affect members of more than one country. Many modern problems are global in nature, with particular focus on issues such as the Internet's governance, the environment, international terrorism and poverty. This makes cooperation across borders crucial. Without intercultural communication, it is almost impossible to find, let alone implement, solutions that have meaningful results.

Those who interact with members of other cultures are more likely to have a desire to learn how to enhance their performance by boosting their communication abilities. The good news is that this need for successful intercultural communication has spawned a number of private and public organizations designed to boost the levels of communication, as well as degree programs that specifically train recipients in the best practices for intercultural progress.

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