What Is the Meaning of Confucianism Symbol?

World Religions reports that, although Confucianism has no universal symbol, the ideogram for water is frequently associated with the religion. The water symbol is thought to represent the source of life, a central idea throughout Chinese philosophy.

Opposing Views notes that Confucianism itself is not a faith-based religion and regards no major gods or deities, the most significant indicators of a religion's official symbol. Instead, the belief system focuses on ideas and practices to represent itself rather than visual symbolism. Nonetheless, Opposing Views explains that the water ideogram is not the only symbol that people have come to associate with Confucianism. The yin-yang symbol, while actually connected directly to Taoism, is frequently believed to represent the basic Confucian tenets and sometimes even listed as the religion's primary symbol. The website also explains that this connection is likely due to the yin-yang symbol's representation of the dual nature of man, a concept that echoes heavily throughout Confucianism and likely seemed to Westerners to connect the two religions. Religion Facts notes that the name of the famous philosopher and founder of Confucianism himself is a symbol that has become intrinsically linked to the religion, perhaps due in part to its intricate and symmetrical appearance.