What Is the Meaning Behind the Barbados Flag?

meaning-behind-barbados-flag Credit: Richard Cummins/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

On the Barbados flag, the left blue stripe symbolizes the sky, the middle yellow stripe represents the sand, and right blue stripe symbolizes the ocean. The trident in the middle of the flag pays homage to independence from the British, and each of the three points stands for democratic principles.

The three points of the trident on the Barbados flag represent a government of, for and by the Barbados people. The Barbados flag was adopted on its initial independence day, which was Nov. 30, 1966. Until that time, the British had ruled the island since 1627. The Barbados flag is governed by specific rules, one of which is that the flag must not be flown after 6 p.m. unless in a building.