What Does It Mean When You See Yourself?

According to Self-Compassion.org, seeing yourself is part of the process of self-compassion whereby you view yourself as an imperfect person who has many personal failings, but you do not judge yourself harshly when your personal failings are exposed. Seeing yourself in a self-compassionate way also tends to generate the same feelings towards other people, and it results in your life being happier and healthier.

The New York Times reports that studies have linked self-compassion to better health in people, and the studies have also highlighted the fact that most people who may show compassion towards others have little self-compassion by berating themselves on their personal failures. The importance of seeing yourself as an imperfect being and going easy on yourself in regards to your shortcomings results in better health, and doctors recommend less self-criticism and more self-compassion. Experts at TrustedAdvisor Associates LLC state that knowing yourself involves seeing yourself objectively, knowing what makes you similar to and different from others, finding your right place within humanity by seeing exactly who you are and deciding what to do with your freedom as a self-aware human being. Knowing and seeing yourself exactly as you are gives you freedom from self-doubt, makes you happy and makes you attractive to other people.