What Does It Mean If I Have Red Little Bumps That Don’t Itch?

Possible causes of tiny, red bumps that don’t itch include infections, allergic reactions, hereditary conditions and cancers of the skin, according to Healthline. Skin bumps may be small or big, single or multiple, and itchy or not itchy. Some bumps are soft or firm, whereas others are discolored or flesh-colored.

Most skin bumps are harmless and do not cause discomfort, thus not requiring medical treatment, states Healthline. Treatment for benign skin bumps typically involves freezing the bumps or surgically removing them.

Some red bumps may occur due to angiomas, which are blood vessels that accumulate under the skin, explains Healthline. Another typical cause is acne, which causes red or swollen bumps to form. A condition called keratosis pilaris, which occurs due to keratin overgrowth, produces tiny bumps around hair follicles on the skin. Benign infected hair follicles that need treatment are called boils.

Raised skin bumps that are caused by viral or bacterial infections and do not heal without treatment include Staphylococcus aureus, scabies, scarlet fever and skin cancer, notes Healthline. Various kinds of skin cancer cause skin bumps, including basal cell carcinoma, which occurs due to exposure to ultraviolet rays, and actinic keratosis, which looks like a scaly or crusty bump. The most severe kind of skin cancer is melanoma, which often starts as an atypical mole and appears asymmetric or multi-colored.