What Does It Mean If You're Born on the Cusp of Aquarius and Pisces?


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To be born on the cusp means to be born in the last few days of one astrological sign of the zodiac or the first few days of the next. The Aquarius/Pisces cusp is approximately between February 19 and February 23.

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While there is disagreement among astrologers on this point, some say that the characteristics of both signs are somewhat blended due to being born on the cusp. An Aquarius/Pisces cusp is said to be spiritual, selfless and artistic. In addition, he is open-minded and tolerant of others but stays strong in his own beliefs. Aquarius/Pisces cusp individuals are often talented both creatively and scientifically. In love, Aquarius/Pisces is caring, romantic and flirtatious.

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