What Does It Mean When a Person Has a Longer Second Toe Than a Big Toe?

A second toe longer than the big toe has been associated with dependability, conservative views and keeping one’s emotions in check. It is commonly called “Morton’s toe” after the American orthopedic surgeon, Dudley Joy Morton. However, it is also known as “Greek toe.”

It was considered a standard of beauty among the ancient Greeks, Romans and Renaissance masters, who all idealized it in their art and sculptures. The Statue of Liberty in New York also has a Greek toe.

Its supposed prevalence among the Celts too is explained by the myth of ‘Tuatha de Danaan’, which tells of the Ancient Greek Danaoi settling in Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Greek toe is contrasted with Roman feet (first three toes seeming to be of even length) and the much more common Egyptian, where toes diminish in size from the first.