What Does It Mean If Everything Tastes Bad?

Bad taste in the mouth can be caused by an infection, medications such as antibiotics and anticancer drugs, inhaled substances such as rubber dust, gasoline and benzene, and acid reflux, according to MedicineNet. Dysgeusia is the medical term for an impaired sense of taste.

Dysgeusia can cause a salty, bitter or metallic taste in the mouth. The bad taste is usually caused by environmental factors such as air contaminants and health factors such as inflammation, injury, certain treatment procedures, like radiotherapy, and infections, according to MedicineNet.

Women in their early pregnancy days may experience a change in their sense of taste, leading to bad taste, notes Medicine Net.

The bad taste can be remedied at home by practicing good oral hygiene such as regularly brushing teeth, taking baking soda and regular table salt, consuming saliva-stimulating foods like citrus fruits and drinking more water, advises MedicineNet. Water washes out toxins in the mouth. Saliva minimizes bacteria in the mouth. Chewing or sucking on peppermints can temporarily remove the bad taste. If these home remedies do not remove the bad taste, it is imperative to visit a physician for a medical examination, because there could be a medical condition triggering the bad taste.