What Does It Mean When Your Ear Bleeds?

The most common medical reason for bleeding in the ear is a ruptured or perforated eardrum. More serious causes of ear bleeding include severe head trauma or cancer of the ear canal, according to Healthgrades.

Anytime individuals experiences ear bleeding they should immediately seek out a medical professional. Bleeding from the ear is a major sign that a person has damaged an eardrum and is susceptible to infection. When an ear drum tears, it leaves an empty barrier between the outer and inner ear canal, putting the ear at risk of major inner ear infections, states Healthgrades.

Common causes of a ruptured ear drum and the resulting ear bleeding include fast changes in altitude, a serious ear infection, any penetration with a foreign object or even an excessively loud noise, reports Healthgrades. A hard blow to the head, such as a fall or punch, may result in severe enough head trauma to cause bleeding. This scenario is more serious than a ruptured ear drum and may suggest a trauma to a part of the inner ear. The least likely source of ear discharge is ear cancer, according to Healthgrades. It’s unlikely that head trauma or cancer is the source of a bleeding ear, but if someone suspects either, it should be considered an emergency situation.