What Does It Mean When a Driver’s License Is Suspended Indefinitely?

Having a driver’s license suspended indefinitely means the driver’s driving privileges have been taken away due to a certain offense, says New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles. The indefinite suspension is only lifted when the offender fully meets the required instructions and conditions. In some cases, as one of the requirements, an offender may be required to pay a certain fee to terminate an indefinite suspension,

Some of the offenses that can lead to an indefinitely suspended driver’s license, in New York state, include not answering a traffic ticket, failing to pay a traffic ticket fine, failing to pay child support, failing to file an accident report (in the case of a motor accident), unpaid tax debts and lacking automobile liability insurance, among others. These offenses vary from one state to another. For instance, some states have additional insurance requirements in additional to liability insurance.

Traffic violation offenses are not the only reasons for an indefinite license suspension; there are unique cases such as if one has a medical condition that may affects one’s ability to drive efficiently. In such a case an indefinite license suspension is issued to safeguard life, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles, New York.