What Does It Mean When You Dream About Work and Your Co-Worker?


Workplace dreams run the gamut from a fear of being unprepared to a desire for more responsibility. Dreaming about a relationship with a co-worker usually means that a common project requires both people to put differences aside and work together.

It is common to dream about work. Surveys indicate that 80 percent of women and 60 percent of men have dreams involving the workplace.

Arriving late for work is a common dream that means a person feels like an opportunity is slipping away. Those who dream about being naked at work often feel the watchful eyes of others and are concerned about co-workers' perceptions. Nudity at work is a sign that a person feels vulnerable and may be fearful of losing a job.

If a person dreams that he is totally unprepared for a big event at work, it usually means there is an important event on the horizon. If there is no event, it indicates a lack of confidence in his ability to get the job done.

Dreams about crashing while driving to work signal a career that is out of control. Other common dreams include having an argument with the boss, murdering the boss, losing work in a computer crash and getting fired.