What Does It Mean When You Dream of Vomiting?

To dream of vomiting could indicate that there is an aspect of life that the dreamer thinks he needs to let go and move on from because it can be causing pain, according to dreamdictionary.com. Many people have negative aspects of their life that they may unknowingly hold on to in a damaging way. Others may realize these aspects and yet, they find themselves unable to progress.

Dreaming about vomiting is a way of the subconscious mind to inform the dreamer of the need to find out what these things are and take actions towards letting them go.

If someone other than the dreamer is seen vomiting — particularly someone who is familiar — this could mean that this person’s faults will soon become apparent. It may be an indication for the dreamer to open his or her eyes to the negative characteristics surrounding this person, some of which may have previously gone unnoticed.

Negative aspects in life can include more than just people. Harboring damaging emotions can be detrimental as well. It is important to be honest about negative habits and emotions, while discovering methods to restore vitality. The only way to embark on a stable journey of recovery is to detach from things that prevent happiness. Those who manage to rid themselves of this emotion will soon see improvements in their lives.

It may be time to start developing a course of action that will allow the dreamer to disassociate himself without causing anyone any additional stress.