What Does It Mean When You Dream About Owls?

mean-dream-owls Credit: Zena Holloway/Stone/Getty Images

Dreaming about owls means different things depending on culture, but the overall theme is insight. For cultures that believe in spirit animals, the owl appearing as a spirit animal signifies knowledge and wisdom. A person with an owl spirit animal can see past lies and deceit and has a natural intuition. The presence of the owl as a spirit animal can signify change or life transition.

In some cultures' folklore, the owl is a sign of longevity. It can also be a sign of knowledge, especially that of the future and dark mysteries. The owl could be hinting about some kind of knowledge the dreamer is searching for despite the fact he already possesses it.

Another take on the presence of the owl in dreams is that the dreamer is in tune with his personal intuitive or psychic powers. It also stands for death, darkness and the subconscious, which could be symbolizing the need to let go of the past or negativity. If an owl is pecking at the dreamer's eyes, it could mean a lack of insight. A hooting owl notes disappointment or even death. Seeing an owl's feather means the dreamer should share knowledge and insight with others