What Does It Mean to Dream of Growing Your Hair and Having It Cut?

mean-dream-growing-hair-having-cut Credit: Thomas Tolstrup/Stone/Getty Images

According to Dream Bible, getting a hair cut represents a willingness to partake in a fresh start, shift thinking styles and shed unwanted doubts. Dream Bible states that this sort of dream may alternatively harbor the negative connotation of having indulged in an excess of something and having the desire to cut back on this excess.

To dream of getting a haircut unwillingly or a haircut that cuts off too much hair represents a lost sense of freedom, power or status. The Dream Bible also has entries related to the theme of getting a haircut, such as visiting a barber shop, a salon or a hairdresser. Dreams of visiting a barber shop indicate a desire to change mindsets or attitudes for the better, regardless of the consequences. Barber shop dreams indicate a readiness to start moving in a different direction. Dreams of visiting a salon represent vanity and an eagerness to impress others. They can also indicate that the dreamer is willing to make changes to her lifestyle, appearance, or habits and wants people to praise her as a result of these changes. Dreaming of a specific person giving the hair cut indicates the dreamer's belief that the person cutting her hair is changing her or improving her.