What Does It Mean When You Dream of Getting Attacked by Sharks?

mean-dream-getting-attacked-sharks Credit: Elias Levy/CC-BY 2.0

Dreaming of shark attacks indicates underlying fear, apprehension, nervousness or consequences. Sharks represent powerful and formidable emotions, including danger. Most people avoid shark encounters at all costs, given the species' aggressive tendencies; in dreams, sharks manifest in situations people want to avoid in real life, such as relationship troubles and work problems.

Sharks appear in dreams as doubts and uncertainty. They represent the same emotions and feelings as lions and alligators; dreaming of an attack by any of those animals produces the same meaning. Sharks of all species appear in dreams, and the largest, most aggressive species indicate the most intense fears and anxiety. Dreams of sharks sometimes precede frightening events, and occur after undesirable events take place too. People dream of shark attacks in anticipation of actual impending situations, such as confronting relationship issues and going for big job interviews.

When applying the meaning of a shark attack dream to real life, consider several trigger words and phrases. Feeling nervous or hesitant about something, or anticipating a hidden danger or unpleasant situation, warrants a shark attack dream. In addition to real situations, some movies, books and video games trigger shark dreams. Dealing with underlying anxieties and concerns reduces the likelihood of shark attack dreams, as does sleeping in a comfortable bed and using sleep aids.