What Does It Mean When You Dream About Babies?

There are several possible meanings associated with dreaming about babies. One possible meaning is that something new is entering the life of the dreamer. This could be a new idea or a new start, notes About.com.

According to About.com, if the babies in the dream are in utero, meaning the dreamer is pregnant in the actual dream, then the dream might mean that the dreamer is pregnant in real life, growing a new idea or anticipating change. Dreaming of babies also suggests that the dreamer's biological clock is ticking and she wants a family.

A dream of conceiving a child might also mean that the dreamer is preparing to start something new or conceiving a new idea. Likewise, giving birth corresponds to actually starting something new or putting a new idea into play. Labor pains might mean experiencing hardships, false labor might mean misunderstandings and a miscarriage might mean unfulfilled dreams.

Nightmares about babies, especially while a woman is pregnant, is latent anxiety about the baby and about having the baby. If the baby is sick, then it implies that the dreamer needs to change something about herself. Along this same line, a crying baby corresponds to neglect in some way, such us unfulfilled dreams or a neglected family. Finally, a dead baby might mean the end of an important part of the dreamer's life.