Who Are the Masons?

The Masons are a secretive group who form one of the oldest fraternal orders globally. Also known as Freemasons, it is difficult to pinpoint the first beginnings of the fraternity. Masons are required to adhere to a strict set of principles, and there are criteria for new members to join.

Freemasons first came to British Colonies in North America during the 1730s. Since that time, the organization has spread across the world. Although Masons tend not to publicize their faith, many of the secrets of the religion are widely known. Masons meet together at Lodges to discuss currents events and also to train new members of the faith. There are many ceremonial rituals that take place at Lodge meetings. Members of the faith are encouraged to wear lapel pins or fraternity rings so that other Masons can recognize them. Membership cards are also given out to all Masons.

To become a Mason, a prospective new member must be of a certain age, have strong morals, believe in a Supreme Being, apply of his own volition and be unanimously elected by all Lodge members. Masons are well known for their fundraising activities to support local charitable works. There are millions of Masons globally, and the most well-known members are Benjamin Franklin and George Washington.