What Are Some Masonic Rituals?


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Masonic rituals include funeral services, the hoodwink, handshakes, passwords and signs. Lodge members conduct public funerals and memorial services for deceased members upon request. Masons do not reveal the secrets of the other rituals, viewing their secrecy as a matter of honor.

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Masons conduct funeral services in churches, chapels, homes, Lodge rooms or synagogues. The Masonic funeral service usually concludes with a graveside committal, but Masons sometimes present the entire service at the graveside. The Master reads or recites the Masonic ceremony, which may include music.

Masons use the hoodwink in rituals of initiation. The hood, or mask, covers the candidate's eyes to represent emerging from the darkness and into the light. The secrecy of handshakes, passwords and signs serve as forms of recognition, and Masons guard these as key elements of Masonic rituals.

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