What Are the Market Forms of Poultry?

Chicken and turkey are the most popular poultry and come in various ready-to-eat market forms. They are both packaged in whole carcasses and poultry parts.

Whole chickens are broilers, fryers and roasters. Broiler and fryer chickens are young male or female tender chickens. Roaster chickens are young male or female tender chickens with more mature bone cartilage than broilers and fryers. They are less than 12 weeks old while broilers and fryers are less than 10 weeks old. Cornish game hens are male or female immature chickens weighing 2 pounds or less. Capons are tender neutered male chickens. Cornish game hens are less than 5 weeks old, while capons are less than 4 months old. Baking and stewing chickens are adult female chickens more than 10 months old and are less tender than roasters.

Fryer-roaster turkeys are young male or female tender turkeys, less than 12 weeks old. Young turkey are male or female tender turkeys less than 6 months old. Yearling turkeys are fully matured male or female turkeys, less than 15 months old. Mature or old hen or tom turkeys are adult male or female turkeys more than 15 months old.

Chickens and turkeys are cut into ready-to-cook parts, such as halves, quarters, legs and wings. Popular forms are boneless and skinless breasts and tenderloins.