How Many Years Are There in Between World Cup Events?

The World Cup event is held every 4 years, there are 3 years in between World Cup Finals. Since the initial tournament in 1930, the World Cup was consistently played every 4 years except for the years 1942 and 1946 because of World War II.

As of the 2014 World Cup, the competition format involves qualifying phases during the 3-year lull. The qualifying phase determines the 32 national men’s teams that will compete in the World Cup Finals from the 208-nation member Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

Qualified teams face off in different venues within the country hosting the World Cup Finals. As of 2014, the 20 championships since its inauguration were won by eight different teams. Brazil has won the most with five, Italy and Germany with four, Argentina and Uruguay with three and England, France and Spain with one each.