How Many People Are Homeless in the U.K.?


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As of 2014, it is estimated that there are 26,940 homeless people in the U.K. This refers to the number that have been accounted for, so the number could actually be higher since not all homeless show up in official figures for various reasons.

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In the U.K. and around the world, there are hidden homeless people, meaning those who are staying with relatives or have found other temporary living arrangements. These homeless people do not fill out paperwork for help, so they go unaccounted for.

There are a couple of main reasons for the number of homeless people in the U.K.:

  • Family members may turn away relatives because they are unwilling or unable to provide housing and support.
  • Assured shorthold tenancy, which is a contract that helps keep tenants' rent at a certain monthly rate for a specified amount of time, may end.
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