How Many People Did Moses Lead Out of Egypt?

The total number of people that were led out of Egypt by Moses was 600, 000. The people of Israel were allowed to leave Egypt after the 10 plagues that God sent to the land.

Prior to leaving Egypt, the people of Israel had been enslaved and were forced to carry out tedious tasks by the Egyptians. When God saw the suffering of the people, he remembered his promise to Abraham and sent Moses to deliver his people from the hands of the cruel pharaoh of Egypt. Through the hand of Moses, God sent a series of 10 plagues on the land of Egypt, forcing the pharaoh to let the people go.

The 600,000 people left Egypt at night and were guided by a pillar of fire during the night and a cloud during the day. Once they departed from the land, the wicked pharaoh pursued them but died with his armies while trying to cross the Red Sea.

The people of Israel wandered in the wilderness for a period of 40 years after being led out of Egypt. Moses, who led them from Egypt, did not reach the Promised Land but instead died during the journey to Canaan. It was Joshua who then led the people into the Promised Land.