How Many Millionaires Are There in the United States?

many-millionaires-united-states Credit: Tom Merton/OJO Images/Getty Images

As of 2015, an estimated 10.1 million U.S. households have $1 million or more in investable assets, excluding home value. This figure represents an increase from the 9.6 million households found to have $1 million or more in 2013, and is the largest ever recorded since tracking began in 1997.

The United States has 1.3 million households with at least $5 million in assets and 142,000 households worth $25 million or more. The average age of those worth at least $1 million was 62. Some 70 percent of individuals worth $25 million or more work more than 40 hours a week, despite the fact that the average age of Americans with that level of wealth is 65.