How Many Laps Are Required to Swim a Mile?

Though the exact number of laps required to swim a mile varies based on the size of the pool, approximately 70.4 laps are necessary when swimming in a 25-meter pool. Swimmers using a 50-meter pool must complete 35.2 laps to swim a full mile.

In swimming events, a mile event does not always equal a standard mile. Competitive athletes may consider both 1,650 meters and 1,650 yards equivalent to a mile event. A swimmer swimming 1,650 meters is actually swimming 5,413.39 feet, while an individual covering 1,650 yards is only swimming 4,950 feet. A standard mile is equal to 5,280 feet or 1,760 yards.

Swimmers can quickly determine how many laps are required to cover a mile by dividing the length of the pool into 1,760. For example, a pool that measures 20 yards requires 88 laps, the quotient of 1,760 divided by 20.