How Many Fruit Loops Are in a Box?

A typical 12.2-ounce box has about 1,769 Froot Loops and 12 servings, while a 9.4-ounce box has about 1,363 pieces of cereal and nine servings. There are about 145 Froot Loops in 1 cup of cereal, which is also the suggested serving size.

Froot Loops are just one product from the Kellogg Company, which was started by Will Keith Kellogg. In the 1900s, Will Keith Kellogg developed Corn Flakes and started his cereal business. Over the years, he continued to develop new cereals. It was not until the 1960s, however, that the Kellogg Company introduced Froot Loops and its mascot Toucan Sam, according to the company’s website.