How Many Bricks Do You Need Per Square Foot?

Masonry jobs typically require 6.3 standard bricks per square foot, but the likelihood that some break makes seven bricks per square foot a safer estimate. Plan to use seven bags of mortar for each 1,000 bricks.

Determine the square footage by measuring the length and width of the area and then multiplying the figures. Multiply the square footage by seven to arrive at the number of bricks needed. Divide the number of bricks needed by 1,000 to determine how many bags of mortar to purchase.

Brick flooring is laid in much the same way as tile. The subfloor must be sturdy enough to support the weight, and smooth and level enough that the bricks lie flat.

Start by finding the center of the area where the brick should be laid. Snap vertical and horizontal chalk lines so that the lines intersect in the center of the space. Nestle the first brick in one corner of the intersection.

Use a notched trowel to spread mortar on the bottom of the brick. Press the brick into position. Place a spacer next to the brick. Spread mortar on the second brick and then press it into position alongside the

spacer. Continue in this manner to the end of the area to be bricked. Begin again at the center, and work in the opposite direction until a full row has been laid. Use that row as a guide for subsequent rows.

To veneer a wall, start bricking at the bottom center, using a level board as a support until the mortar is hard enough to support the weight of the brick.