What Are Some Mansions That Were Abandoned Because of Ghosts?


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Although there isn't proof that any mansions were abandoned specifically because of ghosts, people believe that some abandoned mansions are haunted, including the Milan Mansion, Doll House Mansion, Hooley Haunted Mansion and the Haught Mansion. Some haunted mansions that are still in operation as of 2015 are Winchester Mystery House, The White House and The Dakota.

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Michigan is home to several abandoned haunted mansions, including the Temple Haunted Mansion in Detroit and the Haught Mansion in Brush Park. The former supposedly houses the spirits of a triple murder from 1942, and the latter hosts dead prostitutes from 1941. The mysterious Doll House Mansion of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania contains nothing but dolls, tools and metal saws.

Another Pennsylvania mansion, the Oliver Family Mansion, was the home of the Oliver family. Although they went missing in the 1800s, people believe that they still haunt the house. The Milan Mansion of Ohio is supposedly the burial place for the Milan witch, who locals believe still haunts it. The Hooley Haunted Mansion in Texas operated as a bed and breakfast until mysterious deaths drove it out of business.

Eltz Castle in Germany is allegedly haunted by Agnes, a woman who died while defending the castle from invaders. Raynham Hall, dating back to the 1630s, is haunted by the sister of Great Britain's first prime minister, a woman who was locked in her room until she died by her husband.

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