How Do You Know If a Man Born Under the Pisces Sign Likes You?

To know if a man born under the Pisces sign likes you, look for signs of the man's openness, such as sharing personal aspirations or sharing personal works of art. In addition, a Pisces man with a romantic interest in a person demonstrates that interest by encouraging communication whenever possible.

Because Pisces men are typically reserved, a Pisces man shows romantic interest by sharing his artistic efforts, such as poetry or paintings. Just as a Pisces man typically values emotional space, he also values physical space. Thus, if the Pisces man welcomes holding hands or light affection, it is a sign of his romantic interest.

Pisces men tend to react emotionally but they also like to publicly keep emotions in check. If a Pisces man allows someone to see his emotional side, it could be a sign of his personal interest in that person. Similarly, a Pisces man shows his romantic interest by openly sharing his hopes and dreams. Pisces men tend to dream big. That a Pisces man is comfortable enough to share his personal aspirations and face criticism is a sign of his interest.

In addition, an interested Pisces man looks for opportunities to communicate with the person he's interested in. He responds to that person's attempts to communicate with him. If the man facilitates two-way communication by asking questions, it is an additional sign of his interest. When a Pisces man wants a relationship, he asks questions about his romantic interest to try and get to know the person better. When the man has the opportunity to show interest, he takes the initiative to hold doors for the beloved or pay for dinner.