For What Is Malaysia Famous?

Malaysia is famous for its warm weather, which makes it a popular tourist destination. The landmass of Malaysia is 127,354 square miles, and people from all over the world travel to the country to go scuba diving, hiking and spend time on the many beaches that the country has to offer.

Malaysia falls in between being a developing nation and part of the modern world. When people visit Malaysia from more developed nations, they have to forgo some of their modern conveniences. That is why Malaysia is popular for tourists who seek adventurous vacations.

Although Malaysia is a popular tourist destination, most people choose not to visit the country from November to February. This is known as monsoon season in Malaysia and makes enjoying outdoor activities not only nearly impossible but also extremely dangerous.

Tourists who eat at coffee shops and hawker stalls save money while they are in Malaysia. This is actually the best way to enjoy traditional Malaysian food without spending too much. These types of establishments are easy to locate and are found throughout the many cities of Malaysia. It is a good idea, however, to eat at the ones that are frequently visited by the locals.