How Do You Make a Spiritual Bouquet?

How Do You Make a Spiritual Bouquet?

How Do You Make a Spiritual Bouquet?

Although there are numerous ways to make a spiritual bouquet, creating a prayer book bouquet is a traditional method of incorporating your spirituality into a bridal bouquet or other flower arrangement. Combine your prayer book with favorite flowers, and decorative beads and ribbons to create a pleasing display.

  1. Select a prayer book

    Choose a book from your personal religious tradition. A book that has been passed down from previous generations makes a nice choice and honors deceased relatives.

  2. Select flowers for the bouquet

    Choose favorite flowers that match the tone and color scheme of the event. Consider flowers with spiritual symbolism. Christians historically associate roses with God and angels, and Hindus consider the lotus a holy flower that symbolizes the soul.

  3. Arrange the flowers on the prayer book

    Arrange the flowers in a spray pattern on top of the prayer book. If there is a risk of damage, cover the prayer book with a piece of fabric before adding the flowers. When you are happy with the arrangement, use florist's wire to hold the spray of flowers together.

  4. Attach the flowers to the prayer book with decorative ribbon

    Attach the spray of flowers to the prayer book with a sturdy piece of decorative ribbon. Choose a ribbon that blends well with the look of the arrangement.

  5. Add decorative elements

    Add more ribbons to enhance the bouquet as desired. Include beads, leaves, feathers and other small decorative items to create a pleasing look.