How Do You Make a Snowman’s Hat?

omegaman33/CC-BY 2.0

You can make a simple cardboard top hat for a snowman in less than an hour using basic household items, including a cereal box, scissors and tape.

  1. Make the hat’s brim

    Using a thick piece of cardboard, cut out a large circular piece according to your final size needs. Cut out a second slightly larger circle and place the smaller over the larger for a two-layered brim.

  2. Color the brim

    Paint the cardboard in the color of your choice. A traditional top hat is black, which contrasts well on a white snowman.

  3. Construct the tall top piece

    Take an empty cereal box and cut out two large rectangular faces. Fold these into two halves of a cylinder. Join this with a generous amount of tape.

  4. Color and connect the parts

    Color the top cylinder. Attach it to the brim with staples or glue, depending on your needs and time.

  5. Place the hat on your snowman

    For a top hat to stay firm, difficulties can occur as the tall cylinder can fall. One option is to find a sturdy stick and fix it to the top of the snowman’s head like an antenna before placing the hat on it. This can help a tall top hat stay on your snowman’s head.