How Do You Make Smiley Faces or Pictures With a Keyboard?

Tom And Steve/Photographer’s Choice RF/Getty Images

The most common way to make a smiley face with a keyboard is to use the colon and parentheses, such as :). There are several other ways to make smileys, including adding a hyphen to give the smiley a nose, like :-).

Similarly, one can make an unhappy face by using the other parentheses, like :(. Hyphens are optional in these types of smileys. A slightly disappointed face would use the slash key instead of the parentheses, to make :/ or :-/. Social media sites like Facebook have their own set of smileys. Some do not require keyboard shortcuts while others will make pictures when a smiley is typed in. For example, 😀 will make a big smiley face.