How Do I Make Positive Changes in My Life?

Developing habits of positive thinking, finding time for exercise, focusing on attainable goals, eliminating non-essentials, being kind to others and setting a daily routine can help people make positive changes in their lives. Making long-term changes requires discipline, commitment and a sincere desire to change.

According to Zen Habits, creating a daily routine can help a person make positive changes in her life. A routine allows for people to become accustomed to becoming who they want to be. If a person incorporates some of the changes she wants to make into her routine, the changing process becomes more natural because she doesn't need to think deeply about changing — she just makes the changes.

Identifying what is most important in one's life can also help facilitate positive changes. When a person tries to do too many things, she may not leave enough time to do the things that are most likely to make her happier or that will facilitate positive changes in her life.

Developing positive-thinking habits also fosters positive changes. While thinking alone does not change a person, actions are preceded by thoughts. Positive thoughts often lead to positive actions, while negative thoughts often lead to more negative actions.