How Do You Make Your Own Voodoo Doll?

How Do You Make Your Own Voodoo Doll?

Making a voodoo doll requires about 3 hours and basic sewing skills. Supplies needed include cloth, needles, sewing pins, thread, Spanish moss and personal effects from the person the doll is intended to represent. Personal effects can be a photo of the person, fingernail clippings or hair. After sewing and stuffing the doll, complete the process with a naming ritual.

  1. Prepare the cloth for cutting

    Pin two pieces of cloth together and trace a basic human shape on the cloth. The pattern should be 1/2 inch wider than the desired size to allow for the seam.

  2. Cut the doll out

    Cut both pieces of cloth following the pattern. Pin the pieces of cloth together, allowing 1/2 inch for the seam.

  3. Sew the bottom half of the voodoo doll

    Sew from the waist down so that the legs are stitched on both sides. Stuff the legs with Spanish moss.

  4. Finish sewing and stuffing the doll

    Sew the arms of the doll, then stuff the arms and stomach with Spanish moss. Continue sewing until there is a 1/2-inch gap at the top of the head.

  5. Insert personal effects

    Insert the personal effects into the gap left in the head, or glue a photo of the person on the doll's face, and sew the gap closed.

  6. Complete the naming ritual

    Complete the naming ritual by stating the doll's name and purpose.