How Do You Make Mendhi Decorations?

How Do You Make Mendhi Decorations?

Mendhi, also known as henna, is used to decorate hands and feet to leave a beautiful red design on the skin. The materials needed are henna cone, a printed henna design, a glass sheet, tissue paper, plain paper and a pencil. Henna cones are either prepared with a paste made at home using henna tree leaves, or can be bought from the stores.

  1. Practice the basics of applying henna

    Avoid using expired cones to prevent skin injuries. Avoid applying henna after skin waxing to prevent skin irritation. Practice applying henna on a glass sheet by comfortably holding the cone in your dominant hand. Remove the ball pin at the tip, squeeze the cone with slight pressure and place it back when you have stopped working. Use tissue paper to clean the clogging tip to make a clean and clear design. As a beginner, you may not be comfortable, but practice enables you to make better designs.

  2. Learn decorating by following printed designs

    Practicing on a hand imprint before performing on a real hand is a good practice technique. Initially, practice drawing straight lines, small dots, commas, stamens and hearts. Next, try drawing plain petals, petals with stamens inside and large abstract designs.

  3. Decorate a real hand

    Place a cushion under a hand, and sit comfortably and stress-free. Start from the wrist towards the thumb, then from the center of the hand to the index finger and then from the middle finger to the other end. Leave the design to dry for about 10 hours and then wash it off to see the results.