How Do You Make Logical Choices?


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Tips for making logical choices include taking enough time to think, considering all possible angles and working out the process on paper. Considering that 90 percent of all decisions are emotional, having the right tools and processes may assist in making logical choices. A person’s failure to recognize his cognitive limitations can be detrimental.

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Setting aside quiet, dedicated time to think over a situation before making a choice is important. Having enough time allows for the complete analysis of all the viable options so as to come up with the right decision. If one does not dedicate enough time for the thinking process, any choices made in the process may not be made logically.

Considering all the angles in a given situation before making a decision ensures that a person only settles on the most suitable alternative. Conducting background research into a given situation allows the person making a decision to have the needed information backing his choice.

Reflecting on all the possible outcomes of a given choice is also important in making logical decisions. Working out a decision-making process on paper is a crucial strategy. Making diagrams of the process and creating a list of possible outcomes enhance logical decision-making.

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