How Do You Make a Leo Woman Fall in Love With You?

One can make a Leo woman fall in love with him by being outgoing, attractive, accomplished and confident. The Leo woman is a regal fire sign that enjoys being the life of the party. A Leo woman is impressed by men who have the same star qualities and magnetic air that she does. By exuding confidence and charm, a Leo woman soon falls head over heels for her suitor.

Leo women are born from the period of July 22 to August 23, and are often attracted to Leo, Aries and Sagittarius men. According to, the Leo woman loves to live large with finer things, enjoys playtime and spontaneity in a relationship and prefers a man that reminds her of her purpose in life. Men who offer the Leo woman a place to shine in the spotlight at an exclusive and fun event often melt her resolve and her heart.

Flattering the Leo woman with genuine compliments is an effective way to win her over. Being particularity affectionate towards a Leo woman makes her feel special. Seducing a Leo woman slowly is the best way to capture her heart without smothering her fiery spirit. On the other hand, Leo women despise men who are overly anxious, indecisive or faint at heart. Suitors who wish to seek a Leo woman’s heart must be lionhearted and courageous, or they may be shut out quickly by the lioness.