How Do You Make Homemade Biting-Fly Repellent?

A wide variety of recipes for homemade bug repellent exist, with many including such similar ingredients as herbal oils, vinegar and alcohol. Homemade fly-repellent recipes are designed to be natural and not contain any harmful chemicals. Different recipes can be tailored for specific regions and types of flies targeted. Homemade repellents are typically sprays and require a spray bottle for use.

Scratch Mommy recommends a spray repellent of three parts tea tree oil, one part geranium oil and a drop of vegetable glycerine, all diluted with water.

Thank Your Body’s recipe contains three parts lemon eucalyptus, one part cedarwood, one part lavender and one part rosemary. Because of the lemon eucalyptus, this recipe isn’t recommended for children under three.

The recipe recommended by The Prairie Homestead includes a large base of apple-cider vinegar mixed with equal parts rosemary, melaleuca and lavender oils.

DIY Natural offers a recipe containing essential oils combined with equal amounts of witch hazel or vodka, or a combination of both, and an oil such as grapeseed or jojoba.

For all four recipes, combine all the ingredients in a bottle, and shake it to mix the ingredients together. These recipes can be used for both people and pets, excluding cats.