How Do You Make Homemade Ant Poison With Borax?

Denisa Moorehouse/E+/Getty Images

To make ant poison with Borax, mix up a sweet Borax concoction using sugar, maple syrup and water. Place the mixture on a cotton ball or in a small jar, and place the poison where the ants are located.

  1. Make the ant poison

    Make the ant poison by thoroughly mixing 3 parts white granulated sugar with 1 part Borax powder, and stir in enough tap water to make a thick paste. Add 1 part maple syrup if desired to increase the desirability of the mixture for the ants.

  2. Create an ant trap

    To keep the mixture away from children or pets, poke holes in the lid of a small plastic container. Make the holes big enough for ants to crawl through. If no children or pets are present, find a small plastic lid or paper plate.

  3. Put the mixture into or onto the trap

    Put some of the mixture into the small plastic container, or smear a cotton ball with the ant poison and lay it on the lid or plate. If you are using a plastic container, put the lid on it.

  4. Put the poison near the ants

    Find the place as close as possible to where the ants are entering your house. If you choose, put the poison near the ant hills outside.

  5. Refill the trap as needed

    Check the trap every few days, and refill if necessary.