How Do You Make Gratitude Worksheets?


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Gratitude worksheets are used in many different settings, including school environments, counseling sessions and personal applications, and are typically made to suit specific purposes. In its simplest form, a gratitude worksheet might contain a heading such as "Thank you for..." followed by three to five blank spaces.

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Individuals who mindfully practice gratitude as part of their daily routines have lower stress levels and a decreased risk of depression, according to several studies. Gratitude worksheets are a good way to establish and encourage this habit. People of all ages can benefit from using these worksheets, especially when the worksheets are used regularly.

Basic gratitude worksheets are good choices for young children but are versatile enough to work for teens and adults, as well. A user can list what he is thankful for, or he can write sentences or draw pictures. Some teens and adults may prefer a worksheet with open-ended questions about specific moments in their days. A gratitude worksheet may also contain instructions, such as "Describe a way you have said thank you" or "Discuss the emotions you feel when you are thankful."

Gratitude journals provide individuals with a convenient way to use their worksheets daily. Journals may consist of several worksheets in binders or may be decorative notebooks with blank pages. Again, the style and layout of the worksheets depend on the objective and the user.

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