How Do You Make a Goal List?


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To creating a goal list, start by determining life goals, then break the bigger goals into smaller steps and write down the short term goals that will help you take those steps. Other steps include re-evaluating the goals and adjusting them periodically as needed.

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To determine life goals, ask yourself important questions regarding what you want out of life. A good place to start is by asking yourself what you want to do in a day, a year and your lifetime. The answers can be general or specific. The next part is to break the big goals down into achievable parts.

Consider the areas of your life that you want to change or develop such as career, health, education or finances. Ask yourself how to accomplish these things. When you know what and how you want to accomplish things, write down the short term goals and include a deadline that provides enough time. Your goals should match your needs and feel like they are worth the effort.

It is important to re-evaluate the smaller goals to discern if they are being accomplished in a timely manner and if they are still necessary. Stay flexible with the goals and make sure they are directing you toward the future you want.

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