How Do You Make a Gemini Feel Attracted to You?

Astrologists say that ways to attract a Gemini include finding a common interest that begins a friendship and taking time to listen to the Gemini speak. When trying to attract a Gemini, it helps to keep in mind that a Gemini is often moody, so learning when to speak and when to offer advice is a helpful way to stay on the person's good side.

Because a Gemini does not quickly jump into a new relationship, finding an interest in common with a Gemini helps to establish a base to form a friendship. To attract the Gemini, ask him to talk about a subject that he likes. Because a Gemini appreciates boundaries, it is important to identify the Gemini's boundaries and respect them.

To attract a Gemini, astrologists say to make a move quickly because a Gemini does not like to slow down. Because a Gemini enjoys change, it is important to pursue a Gemini while the opportunity exists and find ways to have contact with the person in order to develop a relationship. A Gemini enjoys travel, so one way to attract a Gemini is to ask him to talk about his travels. When talking with him, be careful not to offer too much advice, because a Gemini often finds this intimidating.

When pursuing a Gemini, it is important to avoid any discussion of commitment or a long-term relationship. A Gemini likes change, so any discussion of the future or a long-term plan might scare him away. The Gemini also tends to slowly reveal feelings and make plans, so a Gemini might not quickly admit his growing attraction.