How Do You Build a Diorama?

To build a diorama, paint an interior setting, prepare theme-related objects to go inside the box and decorate the exterior of the box with paper or paint. A diorama is used to exhibit a theme, scientific fact or some other subject. To complete a diorama, you need a box, glue, construction paper, paint, scissors, coloring tools and small plastic figurines if desired.

  1. Create a background

    Use construction paper or paint to create a background on the interior of the box. Tempera paint is a good choice for painting the background, which should reflect the theme of the diorama. For themes based on the outdoors, include clouds, grass, plants and the ground.

  2. Make the objects and place them inside the diorama

    Draw and cut out theme-related objects using scissors, construction paper and glue. Color and assemble the objects. Glue the objects in the diorama. For a nature-themed diorama, create animals, trees or other natural objects to show off the theme.

  3. Add small figurines

    For a more elaborate diorama, use small figurines to convey the theme of the diorama. Use glue to secure them to the bottom of the box.

  4. Decorate the exterior

    Decorate the exterior of the diorama with paint or construction paper to complete the project, adding color or a label stating the theme.