How Do You Make Your Chi Stronger?


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HowStuffWorks states that chi is in its strongest state when it is in balance, which means that it's flowing freely and abundantly through the body channels. Chi kung exercises and abstaining from excessive behaviors strengthen the chi. About.com states that a healthy chi flow in the home supports a good chi flow in the body. One should avoid chi problem areas in the home such as direct door alignments.

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HowStuffWorks states that there are over 2,000 distinct styles of chi kung in China alone. Each style uses postures in stationary positions, while some highly developed styles use elaborate movements similar to a dance. These exercises are intended to channel the chi found in the universe into the body, optimize chi already in the body or clear any energy blockages in the body.

About.com states that chi blockages in the home can, in turn, weaken a person’s chi. Cluttered garages and closets are chi, or feng shui energy, blockages, as is a main entryway in the home that opens to a wall. About.com advises one to visualize the flow of chi in the home as water flowing. Any barriers that would disallow water from reaching all areas of the home serve as chi blockages.

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