How Do You Make an Aries Man Fall in Love?

While there are no surefire ways to make anyone fall in love, the best tactic to attract the attention of an Aries man is a combination of submission and debate. Being agreeable, spontaneous, passionate, and somewhat mysterious are keys to the Aries man's heart. These qualities improve the chances of success when pursuing a love affair with this exciting fire sign.

Most Aries men are headstrong, outgoing, passionate and prefer to take the lead in any romantic situation. Allow them to ask for a date, open doors and order for everyone at a restaurant or formal affair. They prefer extremely social situations, but will go along on private romantic evenings if the situation demands it.

Their style of romance is passionate, all-consuming, and they often want things to go their way. They will plan every detail of a romantic evening or getaway and expect the woman to come along for the ride. While they enjoy the chase, playing too hard-to-get will only push him away. An Aries man loves to come to the rescue, and these situations help a woman get noticed.

In addition to a chivalrous nature, the Aries man enjoys a good debate, especially with someone who holds her own. Combative to the very end, you may have to concede your point or agree not to agree in order to keep his fire blazing.